PIC/S Activities

PIC/S activities are shared by 7 Sub-Committees since the implementation of the new Sub-Committee structure as from 1 January 2014. Each of the 7 Sub-Committees report back to the PIC/S Committee on the activities covered by their respective Sub-Committees in the following fields: Training (SCT); Expert Circles (SCEC); Strategic Development (SCSD); Compliance (SCC); GM(D)P Harmonisation (SCH); Budget, Risk and Audit (SCB) and Communication (SC COM).

GM(D)P Harmonisation

The harmonisation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and more recently of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is at the very heart of PIC/S. The development and promotion of high and harmonised GMP standards...



Training Competent Authorities and, in particular, training Inspectors, is an integral and key activity of PIC/S. The training of GMP Inspectors has been one of PIC/S’ main focal points...



One of the essential requirements to join PIC/S is that Competent Authorities must have “the arrangements necessary to apply an inspection system comparable...


Expert Circles

Expert Circles have been set up by PIC/S to facilitate the discussions and the exchange of information among inspectors specialised in a specific area of GMP such as...


Strategic Development

The Founders of the PIC Convention had a visionary idea – that of creating a free trade market for pharmaceutical products and facilitating the international trade while ensuring the best possible protection of patients...



PIC/S regularly communicates on its activities through press releases, annual reports and – since the start of millennium – its web site...


Budget, Risk & Audit

The Sub-Committee on Budget (SCB) was established in 2004, when PIC/S became an independent organisation with its own finances... 

During the COVID-19 crisis, the PIC/S Secretariat remains open. If you need to reach us please contact us by e-mail only at the following e-mail address: info@picscheme.org

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